DudleyChronicle BodyKraft news article press coverage 15 years successful business

More Press Coverage and Massive Thanks

DudleyChronicle BodyKraft news article press coverage 15 years successful business

As part of our ongoing press campaign we have a piece published in yesterday’s Dudley Chronicle! We are really pleased with all of our coverage and especially pleased to be mentioned in such popular, well read papers!


We are as always very grateful to everyone who has made this possible – from the staff at the newspaper’s, to Henry Pepper PR for making it all possible and of course to all of our OWN staff in each and every branch.


Without our staff we wouldn’t have been able to say we are celebrating 15 years of business! We have such a fantastic team here at BodyKraft and we appreciate everything they do and all the hard work they put in day after day.


They have seen us through the good times and through the harder times of recent year’s tough economic climate.

Still they stay loyal, focused, hard-working and determined to keep BodyKraft not only afloat but doing well – which can be a bit of a feat in itself in tough times!


There is a saying that “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success” and it’s right! There is also a saying that goes “You can’t do it all on your own” which is also true.


It takes time, hard work, dedication, determination, focus, great teamwork, ambition, savvy and a little bit of luck – and even with all that it’s still a big undertaking!


BodyKraft will always strive to succeed and perform to the highest of standards and with our strong focus and fantastic team we hope to be celebrating another 15 years of business in the future!


Once again, a massive thank you to everyone involved who helped make it all possible!

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